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Top Ten! Death Row – Last Meal Requests:

Their time is up, No more appeals, no more stay of executions, it’s time to pay for the crimes they… read more Top Ten! Death Row – Last Meal Requests:

UPDATE: Vanessa Guillen

It has been reported that Fort Hood Soldier, Vanessa Guillens, was bludgeoned to death by fellow Fort Hood soldier, Aaron… read more UPDATE: Vanessa Guillen

Vanessa Guillen

Vanessa Guillen, 20, disappeared from the the army base in Fort Hood Texas, April 2020. Remains believed to belong to… read more Vanessa Guillen

Claremont Serial Killings

During the Mid 90’s three women disappeared within a year from the same area of Claremont, Perth, Australia. All three… read more Claremont Serial Killings

John Christie

John Reginald Halliday Christie was a British Serial Killer who killed 7 women (two were pregnant) and a 13 month… read more John Christie

Top Ten Famous Last Words: Serial Killer Edition!

TOP 10 FAMOUS LAST WORDS: SERIAL KILLER EDITION! Top ten famous last words, that you never knew you wanted to… read more Top Ten Famous Last Words: Serial Killer Edition!

Is Peter Tobin also Bible John?

Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin is reportedly not far from deaths door himself after suffering from cancer. Tobin is serving… read more Is Peter Tobin also Bible John?

Molly Bish

On the morning of June 27th 2000, Magi Bish dropped her 16 year old daughter Molly off at Comins Pond,… read more Molly Bish

William Heirens (The Lipstick Killer)

Serial Killer, William Heirens is also known as the Lipstick killer because he left a message written in lipstick at… read more William Heirens (The Lipstick Killer)

Tim Miller (Equusearch)

gingerscrimemuseum Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch has had to face the prospect of burying his daughter for a third… read more Tim Miller (Equusearch)