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John Emil List

John List murdered his entire family in cold blood and then went on the run, alluding authorities for 18 long years until a member of the public recognised him on the T.V!

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Alvin Scott

Wanted by the FBI, Alvin Scott is the prime suspect in the double murder of his estranged wife and her male friend. Detectives believe it was simply a crime of passion…

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David Miller

Suffering with covid-19, David Miller believed he was dying. Wanting to rid himself of his earthly sins, he gave a deathbed confession, but would he be too late?…

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Jeffrey MacDonald

He claimed 4 intruders brutally attacked and murdered his family. After careful forensic analysis of the victims and crime scene, the authorities claimed otherwise…

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Pike County Shootings

8 members of the Rhoden family were murdered in their beds across 4 different locations, in one night. The only surviving member was a 4 year old girl. Were her paternal Family the killers?

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Molly Bish

Molly Bish was abducted and killed during her shift as a lifeguard, her killer was never found…