Category: CRIME

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Dr Jan Falkowski

Renowned consultant psychiatrist Dr Jan Falkowski found himself in the centre of a threatening, abusive and malicious campaign, but was he really the victim he claimed to be?

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Klara Mauerova

Klara Mauerova horrifically abused, tortured and ate the flesh of her own children. She even encouraged others, including family members, to do the same – but there is a twist to this tale…

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Chastity Ray Scalf

Pregnant, Chastity Scalf was brutally beaten and murdered in a hotel room, but despite the suspicious circumstances, police ruled it a suicide. Chastity’s family want justice…

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The Cambridge Rapist

Peter Cook terrorised the English city of Cambridge, 1974 – 1975, burglarising and raping women in their own homes in the darkness of the night. A massive manhunt ensued…

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Tim Miller (Equusearch)

Imagine having to bury the same loved one not once, not twice but a possible 3 times!….