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Dennis Nilsen

Often referred to as the ‘British Jefferey Dahmer,’ Dennis Nilsen (AKA ‘Des’) was a cold and calculating Scottish serial killer back in the late 1970’s / early 1980’s.

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Claremont Serial Killer

The Claremont Killer: – Bradley Robert Edwards killed three young woman in Perth Australia in the mid 1990’s. He denied it but the evidence spoke for itself. and proved he was lying…

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Ed Gein

Gein killed (at least) 2 woman but also admitted to grave robbing and making clothing from his victim’s skin, which he would wear in remembrance of his dead mother…

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Mary Ann Cotton

Infamously known as one of the UK’s 1st female serial killer, Mary Ann Cotton is suspected to have had over 21 victims, including her own husbands and children…

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Jack The Ripper

He terrorised London in 1888, mutilating and dissecting his victims on the street, to this day his identity remains a mystery… just who was Jack the Ripper?

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Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy is an infamous American serial killer / necrophile, he was ultimately found guilty of raping and murdering multiple women and children in the 1970’s….

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Dnepropetrovsk maniacs

The Ukranian city of Dnepropetrovsk was subjected to a string of murders, violent attacks and armed robberies, by a couple of lads the press dubbed “Maniacs”.

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Joel Rifkin

Joel Rifkin, 61, claimed to have killed 17 women. His fluke capture occurred when police pulled him over for an unrelated incident and discovered a gruesome scene in his truck…

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Richard Ramirez

The Night Stalker terrorised Southern California in the 1980’s, entering homes through an open window. He would attack, rape and brutally murder his victims…

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H. H. Holmes

Considered America’s first serial killer, Holmes is suspected by some to also be London’s Jack The Ripper. This delightful fella built a ‘murder castle’ in which to torture his victims.

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Altemio Sanchez

A serial killer was terrorising women in New York, snatching, killing and dumping the victims near secluded bike paths. Each attack was more sinister and brutal than the last…

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John Christie

Having killed his victims, John Christie would hide their bodies behind walls and under floorboards…

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Is Peter Tobin also Bible John?

The similarities (not just look-wise) are astonishing…could Peter Tobin also be Bible John?…

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William Heirens (The Lipstick Killer)

Serial Killer, William Heirens is also known as the Lipstick killer because…

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Ed Gein

Gein killed 2 woman but also admitted to grave robbing and making clothing from his victims…

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Mary Ann Cotton

Possibly the UK’s 1st female serial killer, cotton may have had over 21 victims, including her own children…