Tim Miller (Equusearch)


Tim Miller at Laura’s grave.

Tim Miller, founder of Texas Equusearch has had to face the prospect of burying his daughter for a third time after a series of major blunders by authorities.
Laura Miller, 16 went missing in League City, Texas, after using a payphone to call her boyfriend back in 1984.
After reporting her missing, Miller was disappointed with how Law Enforcement handled the search so he launched Texas Equusearch to find Laura and help other families search for their missing loved ones.
Laura’s remains were found on what is known as the “Killing Field” after the remains of two other victims were found there, prompting a larger search of the area. In total four women’s remains were found there leading Miller to believe they were all killed by the same man. One of the women had disappeared after using the same payphone Laura had before she also disappeared.
Miller laid his daughter to rest only to be told some of Laura’s remains were still being held elsewhere. The family collected what they believed to be the rest of Laura and re-buried her. Miller settled in a lawsuit over the case in 2000 but now finds himself in the same, if not worse position years later. He has been told that more of Laura’s remains are being held at the Medical Examiners office. Once DNA testing proves the remains are hers they will release them to the family. As a result Miller and his family will have to re-bury Laura for a third time!
Miller is suing the county for a second time for abuse of a corpse and breach of a contract since in the last settlement they confirmed all Laura’s remains had been returned to the family.
However, if that wasn’t bad enough, the County are fighting Miller stating he has refused a DNA test, something he denies, and they have been gone as far as suggesting he is a suspect in not only Laura’s murder but also the murders of the other three women.