William Heirens (The Lipstick Killer)

Serial Killer, William Heirens is also known as the Lipstick killer because he left a message written in lipstick at the crime scene of his second victim, Francis Brown. The note read
“For heavens sake, catch me before I kill again. I cannot control myself.” His 1st victim, 43 year old Josephine Ross was stabbed several times and her head had been wrapped in a dress. Frances Brown, his 2nd victim had been stabbed in the neck with a knife (she was found with the knife still in her neck) and had been shot in the head. His third victim was 6 rear old Suzanne Degnan, she had been abducted before her dismembered remains were found scattered around sewers and drainage systems. It’s believed he had initially wanted to kill her father rather than Suzanne.
Ultimately Heirens pleaded guilty to the three murders, although he later recanted his confessions and claimed he was innocent, having only plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. He was sentenced to life with the possibility of parole.
It’s worth noting, many people including some of Law Enforcement officers believe Heirens was innocent and was coerced into giving false confessions, there were several other suspects. Some of whom had also confessed. Heirens died in prison on March 5th 2012, aged 83 years old, earning him the title of Illinois’ longest serving inmate.