Is Peter Tobin also Bible John?

Bible John Sketch / Younger Peter Tobin / Older Peter Tobin. (Photo Credit. True Crime Society)

Scottish serial killer Peter Tobin is reportedly not far from deaths door himself after suffering from cancer. Tobin is serving a whole life order for the rape and murder of 21 year old Angelika Kluk and the murders of Vicky Hamilton and Dinah McNicol. Vicky’s and Dinah’s skeletal remains were found in the back garden of a previous home of Tobin’s after he was already imprisoned for Angelika’s murder. Bible John’s, (so called because of his reported references to the bible) identity has never been uncovered. A serial killer at large in Scotland between 1969-69 he is believed to have murdered (at least) 3 woman, Patricia Docker, Jemima McDonald and Helen Puttick, after wooing them at the Barrowland Ballroom. All 3 murders shared striking similarities. They had all been strangled to death very close to their homes (two had been raped). They had all been menstruating and we’re found with a sanitary towel tucked in or close to their body, leading to the belief the murderer was disgusted by periods. All three were mothers on a night out at the Barrowland ballroom just before their untimely deaths. The sister of 3rd victim Helen Puttock had met the man her sister left Barrowlands with and was able to give a detailed description, leading to the police sketch of their suspect. It shows a striking similarity to Peter Tobin, a strict catholic, who was also living in the area at the time up until his first marriage to a lady he met at Barrowlands, before moving to England in 1969 (the same time the murders with that MO appeared to stop) Read more about the similarities here

So what is your opinion… do you think Peter Tobin is also Bible John?