UPDATE: Vanessa Guillen

It has been reported that Fort Hood Soldier, Vanessa Guillens, was bludgeoned to death by fellow Fort Hood soldier, Aaron Robinson. It is believed that Vanessa confronted Robinson over an affair he was having with another soldier’s estranged wife, Cecily Aguilar. Robinson feared that his military career would be ruined if the affair got out so he attacked Vanessa with a hammer. The attack was so brutal that a positive identification of her body was only possible though hair samples. After killing Vanessa, Robinson enlisted Aguilar to help him dispose of her body. The pair dismembered Vanessa with a machete before burning the body parts. They then buried her remains in a shallow grave encased in concrete. It is thought Robinson removed Vanessa’s body off base in a pelican bag, which a witness confirmed they saw him with on the day Vanessa disappeared, in April 2020. When police approached Robinson on July 1st 2020 he fled before shooting himself in the head. Aguilar was arrested the same day as Robinson committed suicide and has since been release on bail on a third degree felony charge. Incidentally, Robinson was the same soldier that had been sexually harassing Vanessa, she had told her family about the harassment shortly before she disappeared.

Author: Ginger