Last Meal Requests:

Top Ten! Death Row Last Meal Requests:

Their time is up, No more appeals, no more stay of executions, it’s time to pay for the crimes they committed (and sadly didn’t commit in some cases!) But in the name of humanity, the condemned were offered a last meal of their choosing which they would feast upon within the last couple of days before their execution. However, in 2011, the State of Texas, USA, the option of choosing your last meal was revoked after Lawrence Russell Brewer ordered a ridiculous amount for his last meal last meal (see below) and then didn’t even take a bite of any of it, stating he wasn’t hungry after all. So without further delay and in no particular order, here are the TOP TEN, death row, last meal requests…

1. Lawrence Russell Brewer: (Along with 2 accomplices) killed an African American man in a brutal, racially motivated attack by tying him to a pick up truck and dragging his body three miles.) Triple bacon cheese burger, with sides, large meat feast pizza, x2 fried chicken steaks, gravy, cheese omelette filled with minced beef, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers. 1lb barbecued meat, onions, fried okra, ketchup, half a loaf of bread, x3 stuffed fajitas, peanut butter fudge slab, pint of ice-cream and three root beers. He didn’t eat a single bite of any of it.

Triple Bacon cheese burger with sides

2. Aileen Wuornos:  (Prostitute turned serial killer, she point blank shot and killed 7 men over the course of a year, later claiming it was self defence.) Hamburger, snack food and a cup of coffee.

Cup of coffee

3. John Wayne Gacy: (AKA Pogo the Clown. Sex offender and serial killer clown who murdered 33 young men and boys, maybe more.)  KFC Bucket, 12 deep fried Shrimp, Fries, bottle of diet coke and one pound of strawberries.

KFC Bucket

4. David Alan Gore: (One of “the killing cousins”, Gore confessed to killing 6 women in the 1980’s) Fried chicken, french fries & butter pecan ice cream

Fried chicken

5. Ted Bundy: (Confessed to the kidnapping, rape and murder of 30 young woman and girls across America during the 1970’s. Bundy refused the offer to request a specific last meal so was given the standard death row last meal – steak, eggs, hash browns, toast, butter, jam, coffee, milk and juice. He didn’t eat any of it.

Standard death row last meal

6. Saddam Hussein: (Middle Eastern dictator) Reports on Hussein’s last meal differ, Some state he requested chicken and rice with hot water and honey whilst others claim he refused his last meal and offers of cigarettes.

Water and honey

7. H. H. Holmes:  (Serial killer, confessed to 27 murders but only 9 were confirmed. Implicated as a possible Jack the Ripper suspect) Boiled eggs, plain toast and a cup of coffee.

Boiled eggs and toast

8. Albert Fish: (Child rapist, cannibal and serial killer. Fish claimed he had about 100 victims in total, not all were murdered.) Ordered Sardines and dried fish for what he thought was his final meal. He was then granted a reprieve so he shared the meal with family. He was executed at a later date instead.


9. Timothy McVeigh: ( The 1995 Oklahoma Bomber, killed 168 people and injured at least 680. McVeigh ordered more of a dessert than a meal – Two pints of choc chip ice cream.

Mint choc chip ice cream

10. Last but not least Walter Moody: (Killed a federal judge and at the time of his execution he was the oldest prisoner (83) put to death In The United States history. X2 Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and X2 cans of Dr Pepper.

Philly cheesesteak sandwiches

What would your last meal be if you had to choose?