Chastity Ray Scalf

August 14th 2006, The Jellico Motel, Tennessee, received a call to reception from an unknown male, telling them “they might wanna check” a specific room. That was where they discovered the brutally beaten body of Chastity Ray Scalf. She was 8 months pregnant at the time.

Chastity was found in what appeared to be (and is claimed to be, by authorities) a suicide situation. But certain aspects of the case suggest that this was a case of something much more sinister..

Chastity had been stomped on so viciously that purple bruising in the shape of a shoe print was found on her back. Her family believe she was beaten and then strangled before the scene was staged to look like a suicide. This is supported by the autopsy conclusion that it was in fact a homicide.

And what about the man who made the call, what was his part in all this? Murderer? Accomplice? Innocent?

However, the City of Jellico promptly ruled it a suicide, without conducting an investigation. Chastity’s death was promptly swept under the carpet like it never happened. (Google it, you’ll see what I mean)

There have been unconfirmed claims (rumours) that Chastity had been having an affair with the Mayor of Jellico who became paranoid that she was going to tell his wife (and possibly ruin his career and reputation) so he had her murdered and covered it up.

The majority of people in Jellico were unaware a death had even taken place at the motel, let alone a murder. (or alleged suicide)
It almost as if it never happened.

And that’s why Chastity’s daughter (who was merely a young child at the time of her mother and unborn brothers deaths) and family are fighting for Chastity Ray Scalf’s death to be known, her story to be heard and justice to be served. #justiceforchas

Author: Ginger