Did You Know

Random information & fun facts relating to all things crime. Things you never realised you always wanted to know! Email us your facts for the ‘Did You Know?’ feature.

A man in St. Lucie awoke one morning, back in 2007, suffering from a tremendous headache. Dr’s found a bullet lodge in his head. It turns out his wife had shot him in the head the night before and he didn’t realise. She was arrested for attempted murder.

In Yellowstone National Park there is an area known as the zone of death. It is so called because the 50 square mile zone is completely uninhabited, therefore there can be no jury – because nobody’s living there, right? – so, no jury means no trial! So if you were to commit murder in this particular area you can’t legally be convicted. (It’s still advisable not to though – just in case!)

In the Guinness book of records is an entry about one of the most random and strangest deaths in history. A lady discovered her husband was having an affair – he was leaving her for the other woman. When he left, she was so distraught that she threw herself from the tenth floor of their building. However, at that exact moment, her husband had just exited the building and she happened to land on him, killing him instantly. She survived.

In 1906, a judge sentenced a drunk and disorderly man, Joe Munch, to 1 minute in prison. The judge didn’t deem Munch’s behaviour as punishable but wanted to teach him a lesson all the same, thus handing out the shortest prison sentence of all time. (pun intended)