Worlds Dumbest Laws – UK Edition:

Across the world we are all (well, most of us!) governed by the laws of the land. And as a society we (again.. most of us) generally abide by said laws, therefore considering ourselves law abiding citizens. But what about the crazy, funny and downright absurd laws that you didn’t even know were a thing…


It is Illegal for one to be drunk in a pub.

Incorrectly placing a postage stamp on mail (I.E, wonky / sideways, upside down) is considered treason. Off with your head!…

Whilst in a library it is illegal to gamble in any manner, swear or use abusive language.

One must not knowingly import potatoes from Poland. (This is a fairly new law, passed in 2004!

As of 1332, If you discover a beached whale or sturgeon, you must be offer it to the King / Queen. (fun fact, in 2004, in keeping with the law, a fisherman offered the Queen a 9lb sturgeon, she gracefully allowed him to keep it.)

It is illegal under all circumstances, to enter The Houses of Parliament whilst wearing a suit of armour. You weren’t allowed to do it in 1313 and you’re not allowed to do it now!

In Scotland, you are legally obliged to allow a stranger to use your toilet if they knock on your door and ask to do so.

One must NOT beat or shake a carpet / rug / mat BEFORE 8.AM, in the the streets of London.

If you’re going to handle a salmon, be aware it is illegal to do so under suspicious circumstances.

You can legally shoot a Scotsman, but only under certain circumstances. 1) You must not use a bow and arrow. 2) It must not be a Sunday (unless the Scotsman is drunk and you don’t use a bow and arrow. 3) you must be in York. 5) Crossbows are allowed. (SIDENOTE: DO NOT DO THIS!)

If you live in Beverly, East Yorkshire, then you are forbidden by law to hang your washing outside.

Do you have a home security alarm? Well, if you activate it without nominating a ‘key-holder’ to monitor it in your absence then you have just broken the law.

Playing knock – down – ginger (“wilfully and wantonly disturb any inhabitant by pulling or ringing any doorbell or knocking at any door without lawful excuse.”) it has been illegal since 1854 and will land you a £500 fine.. if caught!

You may fly a kite so long as it doesn’t annoy someone else. If it does, it then becomes against the law and you face a £500 fine.

The Metropolitan Act makes it illegal to carry a plank along a pavement.

Since 1872, if you are caught operating a cow, horse or steam engine whilst drunk then you face a fine and the possibility of going to prison.

Singing songs with indecent or obscene words in the lyrics, to annoy someone else, has been illegal since 1839.

It is illegal to flag down a London taxi – if you have the plague

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