David Miller

David Miller, 43, was dying from the corona virus in early 2020, a virus which had sadly already taken many lives globally and continued to do so. With not having long left to live, Miller felt he needed to clear his conscience of his earthly sins in order to die in peace, so decided to reveal the dark secret he had been weighted down with for so long, in the hope God would forgive him in time for the afterlife.

Miller asked a nurse if she would be willing to hear his confession and he agreed that she could record what he said.

The nurse was shocked but remained professional as Miller confessed to killing Lisa Knowles, 18, back in October 2009. What had began as an unsolved missing persons case, Lisa was assumed to be dead by 2014, although her remains had never been found.

In his 30 minute confession, Miller, who had been a neighbour of Lisa and her family in Marin City, told the nurse he had raped and murdered the 18 year old before burying her in a shallow grave.

Miller apologised to Lisa’s family and hoped they could forgive him for murdering their daughter and the pain and suffering he had caused, before confirming where he had buried her. He went on to tell the nurse his heart was now free and he was able to die in peace.

Lisa Knowles’ parents said they had always suspected Miller of being the one to have harmed their daughter, urging police to investigate him but they were told by officers there was nothing about Miller that raised suspicion. Two years after her disappearance, Miller had moved to LA and the case had gone cold.

However, in an ironic twist of unfortunate fate for Miller, he didn’t die and instead began to recover from the deadly virus. The nurse who had lent Miller a listening ear didn’t hesitate in handing the confession into the police.

“I recorded the confession and handed it to the police, they did not waste time they came and took him to another medical facility and three days later the officer called the hospital and told us he is recovering and he will be going to jail as soon as he’s clear of the virus”.

It is unclear what the situation currently is regarding Miller’s punishment and if he has been sentenced as of yet.