Worlds Dumbest Laws – USA Edition:

Across the world we are all (well, most of us!) governed by the laws of the land. And as a society we (again..most of us) generally abide by said laws, therefore considering ourselves law abiding citizens. But what about the crazy, funny and downright absurd laws that you didn’t even know were a thing…


In New York, it’s illegal for two or more people to meet in public wearing masks. Should be interesting during co-vid 19

It is against the law to keep a skunk as a pet in Virginia.

In Georgia it is illegal to eat fried chicken with your fingers.

This is a big NO NO!

South Dakota has a law which makes it illegal to fall asleep in a cheese factory.

Wakey Wakey

In Texas, since the 1890’s it’s been illegal to change the weather…ermm?

Who did this deed to cause it to be made into law in the first place??

In Connecticut, a pickle can only be called a pickle if it bounces.

It is illegal to advertise on tombstones in Maine.

In Nevada, it’s illegal for a man to get a round of drinks in for more than three people at once.

In Vermont it’s illegal for women to wear fake teeth without their husband’s permission.

Riding your bike in a fancy manner whilst in Illinois is a big no no!

Pack that in right now!

In california it is illegal to hunt any game while in a moving vehicle except whaling. It’s worth knowing however, whaling is in California is also illegal.

Clotheslines are illegal in Vermont.

In Los Angeles , one must resist the temptation to wash their neighbours car without permission.

Did you ask first?

Southern California has a legal ban on dictionaries – in classrooms no less! All because some inquisitive lil punk looked up the definition of oral sex once, and his mother was outraged.

In Alabama it is illegal to drive blindfolded.

Missouri have made it illegal for anyone to  “swing upon” another person’s motor vehicle and honk their horn for them.

In Arkansas it is illegal to pronounce Arkansas incorrectly.

Donkeys MUST NOT, by law, sleep in a bathtub – in Arizona.

It is illegal, in California, to whistle for your lost canary before 7am.

In louisiana it is illegal to send someone a surprise pizza. If you do so you face a fine of $500.

In new Mexico, idiots are legally banned from voting.

This should rolled out across the Globe

In New Jersey it is illegal to murder anyone whilst wearing a bulletproof vest.

No wearing slippers in New York after dark, you’ll be breaking the law.

In Oregon it is illegal to hunt in a cemetery.

Black cats in Indiana must wear bells.

It is illegal for Flamingo owners to bring their flamingo’s into a barber shop.

In florida it is illegal to sell your children, so please refrain from doing so.

Cannibalism is illegal in Idaho.

One must not dance to the National anthem whilst in Massachusetts.

In South Carolina it is illegal to dance on sundays.

Dancing? Sunday? NO!

It is illegal for unauthorised personnel to throw missiles into bus terminals in Utah.

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