Jack The Ripper

Name: Jack The Ripper Other Names: The Whitehall Murderer / Leather Apron

Location: Whitehall, London, United Kingdom

Victims: The Canonical Five (Also Linked To Other Possible Murders.

In Whitechapel, 1988, a serial killer dubbed by the Press as Jack the Ripper, terrorised the impoverished London district. He preyed on female prostitutes whose throats he would cut before brutally mutilating his victims.

Whilst there have been many suspects (including Royalty!) and people of interest, no charges have ever been made. Some people believed Jack the Ripper to be a surgeon or a butcher because of his cutting skills, others believed him to be a Jew on account of some graffiti discovered near one of the crime scenes. To this day, Jack the Ripper’s identity remains unidentified.


Mary Ann Nichols

Mary Ann Nichols, a 43 year old prostitute in Whitechapel, is considered to be Jack the Ripper’s first victim. Her body was found in the early hours of Friday 31st August 1888. Her throat had been slashed twice from left to right, with one of the slashes being so deep it nearly severed her neck, killing her almost instantly. After her death the assailant made a deep jagged cut to her lower abdomen as well as cutting and slashing the right side of her abdomen several times. Forensics determined that the wounds had all been caused by the same weapon, a knife estimated to be 6-8 inches long.

Annie Chapman

Jack the Ripper’s second victim was Annie Chapman, a 47 year old prostitute in Whitechapel. Her body was discovered in Hanbury St on Saturday 8th September 1888.  Chapman’s murder was very similar to Nichols’ and so authorities quickly linked the two to the same murderer. Chapman died as a result of two deep slashes to the throat, delivered left to right and her abdomen had been sliced open, only this time some of the victims organs had been removed and placed on her shoulders. It was later discovered her bladder, uterus and vagina had also been removed.

Elizabeth Stride

Elizabeth Stride, a 44 year old prostitute in Whitechapel was murdered on Sunday 30th September 1888. She was the third victim of Jack the ripper and also the least mutilated, Leading experts to belief the killer was interrupted and had to flee the scene to avoid capture. Stride’s body was found in Dutfield’s Yard, her throat had been was slashed once, deep enough that it severed her carotid artery and trachea which led to her death.

Catherine Eddowes

Within an hour of killing Elizabeth, Jack the Ripper attacked again. This time his victim was 46 year old prostitute, Catherine Eddowes, whose body was discovered on 30th September 1888 on Mitre square. As with his previous victims, Jack the Ripper had slashed her throat and cut open her lower abdomen. Her intestines had been removed and placed over her shoulder. Most of her uterus and her left kidney had been removed and was missing. Jack The Ripper’s  attack on Eddowes was more brutal and violent compared to his other victims, perhaps out of anger at being disturbed with Elizabeth Stride? Eddowes’ face was found mutilated with vertical incisions through both eyelids and triangle cuts on her cheeks pointing to her eyes. Her ear and nose had also been severed.

Mary Jane Kelly

Jacks fifth murder was the worst attack out of the five. Mary Jane Kelly is considered Jack The Rippers last victim. She was 25 years old,  working as a prostitute just like the other four victims. The attack on Kelly’s body was discovered on 9th November 1888 in the single room she rented in Millers Court. With less chance of  caught, Jack the Ripper’s attack on Kelly was the worst out of them all. Her throat had been slashed so deeply it almost decapitated her and her face had been slashed almost beyond recognition. The attacker had removed her organs and along with her breasts and other parts of her body, had been placed around the Kelly’s mutilated body and the room. Her heart was not found.

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