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Splatter Chatter…. hmmm, is the title too much? 🤔 Probably! But pretty apt for a crime site, in my opinion anyway. And that, ladies, gentlemen and everyone in-between, is what the splatter chatter blog posts are going to be – my opinion on the true crime stories that I have written about, read about or are currently ‘trending‘ 🙄 in the big world of true crime. This will be the place I informally post my own reactions and insights to the above. It’s not intended to offend or insult anybody, especially the victims and families involved in the cases discussed. So, with that said, welcome one and all, to Splatter Chatter.

Hopefully, by now you will have read my true crime report on the evil Melissa Huckaby. If not you can read it here, wink wink. 😉 This one, understandably, was a heart-breaking story to write about. Sadly, I hear about these kind of cases way to often, but it’s always more shocking, (to me) more evil, when its a female perp. Perhaps that’s because we’re raised to believe females, especially mothers, are meant to be motherly, maternal and loving. What am I saying! They ARE meant to be all those things and not just because we are raised to think like that! It’s called humanity, people! Well, let me tell you, that is very often not the case – cough coughLetecia Stauch, Casey Anthony, Megan Boswell, Lori Vallow Daybell…., unfortunately the list goes on and on.

Like I said, I’m aware of many similar stories and this one elicited the same response of sadness, horror, judgement, fear etc as all the others. The thing with this one that made me especially angry and has caused the case to play over in my mind, apart from, obviously, what Little Sandra went through, was when I read Huckaby had considered leaving the suitcase, containing Sandra’s dead body inside, on her mother’s (Sandra’s mother, not Huckaby’s) doorstep. 🤬🤬 What the actual F**k!! Let me say that again…, she was going to leave the suitcase on the doorstep for Maria Chavez to stumble upon, wonder what was inside, unzip it and discover her missing daughter’s lifeless body stuffed inside! She actually went with plan B, which was disposing of the case, and Sandra, in a nearby pond. Traumatic, devastating, heart-breaking, all those things and more… but not as much as her first idea would have been, I’m sure. And then she had the audacity to seek forgiveness from Maria. Don’t even get me started on that… I hope everyday in prison is hell on earth for her!

Ironically, Huckaby was a Sunday school teacher, as was #notfatheroftheyear, John List (I’m sure you’ve read my report, but just in case you missed it, click here, 😉 haha) Are Sunday school teachers to become the new joggers? You know, how they can’t be trusted as it’s always them that seem to discover dead bodies. (or cause themHuckaby, List..) Well, joggers and dog walkers.

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picture credit: Stauch – courttv, Anthony – Ppeople, Boswell – cncpunishment, Vallow Daybell – KUTV

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