Worlds Dumbest Laws – Aussie Edition:

Across the world we are all (well, most of us!) governed by the laws of the land. And as a society we (again.. most of us) generally abide by said laws, therefore considering ourselves law abiding citizens. But what about the crazy, funny and downright absurd laws that you didn’t even know were a thing…


Dressing up as Batman and Robin is a big illegal no no

Taxi drivers must carry a bale of hay in the boot (trunk) of their car at all times.

It is illegal to wear a disguise unless you have a legitimate reason for doing so.

Please refrain from illegally vacuuming your house between 10pm and 7am during weekdays and 10pm and 9am during the weekends in Melbourne.

Walking on the right hand side of a footpath is not only frowned upon, it is against the law.

All pubs and bars must provide a stable, food and water for customer’s horses, by law!

As per the Summary Offences Act 1966, One must not drive a vehicle with a horse or goat harnessed or tied to it, in a public place. You could face a possible fine of $777.30.

It is entirely illegal to be drunk…in a pub.

In Victoria, only licensed electricians are legally authorised to change lightbulbs.

In Brisbane, all homeowners are required by law to sweep the footpath directly outside their homes or they can be fined $5000 plus an extra $500 for each additional day they fail to comply.

One must simply not wear hot pink hot pants, after 12pm on a Sunday. Please refrain from doing so, its against the law.

Children cannot legally purchase cigarettes but there is no law stating they can’t smoke them.

In South Australia it is illegal to attend a wedding or funeral you haven’t been invited to. You’ll receive a fine up to $10,000 fine if you do.

It is illegal, in Western Australia, to have 50kg+ of potatoes in one place.

Be sure not to annoy anyone whilst you fly a kite. You could find yourself in trouble with the law.

Equally, singing an obscene song which causes annoyance to others is a legal no no too.

Playing knock down ginger (knocking on someone’s front door or ringing a doorbell and running away) is illegal. In South Australia you could be fined $250 if you’re caught.

In Queensland, it is illegal to post a fake job advertisement.

As per the Rain-making Control Act 1967, it is illegal to partake in artificial rain making activities, such as using an aircraft to fill clouds in order to induce precipitation.

Section 70C of Crimes Act 1958 forbids people from trading or doing business with pirates. Getting caught doing so could land you 10 years in the slammer.

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