Theodore Robert Bundy (AKA Ted Bundy)

Ted Bundy is an infamous American serial killer who confessed to the kidnapping, rape and murder of 30 young woman and girls across America during the 1970's. Although his exact number of victims cannot be confirmed for sure.

Bundy preferred his victims to be pretty, with long brown hair that parted in the middle and his murders mostly followed the same MO, his victims were beaten, raped and strangled.

This man got a sexual kick out of witnessing the fear that dominated his victim's, seeing the terror in their eyes because they knew their fate, was an aphrodisiac for him. When the "entity" as he called it , took over he became an evil vicious predator and vulnerable, innocent, young females were his unsuspecting prey.

After the brutal engagement of killing his victims, Bundy would often return to the scene to tend to the lifeless bodies and partake in the act of cleaning them, wash their hair, reapplying their make up and nail varnish. He admitted he would often perform sexual acts with the corpses until they were so decomposed ti was no longer possible.

It beggars believe that there are women, still to this day, that openly fantasise and swoon over the monster that Bundy was, all the while knowing the atrocities he unleashed upon his victim's. During the murder trials, some women even went as far as to alter their appearance, dying their hair brown and parting it in the middle, so as to become more attractive and noticeable to Bundy. One can only hope they were still ignorant to his guilt at that point.

Ultimately, Bundy was sentenced to the death penalty for his barbarous crimes and was executed via the electric chair on 24th January 1989, aged 42.

Some of Bundy's victims

Ted Bundy was gifted with charm and charisma, with many people describing him handsome, and he knew it. (Not the usual characteristics given to a serial killer) Unfortunately it was these traits that enabled him to approach his victims with confidence. Many of would leave with him willingly, suggesting they didn't sense him as a threat.

Bundy claimed to have began his serial killing "spree" in Washington, when he was around 27 years old, although it is widely accepted that he probably began attacking females when he was a teenager.

Police weren't immediately aware they were dealing with a serial killer at first, having not connected all the abductions as being the work of one man. After the disappearances of Janice Ott and Denise Naslund at Lake Sammamish State Park, police were able to issue a sketch of the man they wanted in relation to the two women, not realising it was the same man they were seeking in relation to the Seattle abductions too.

Police sketch of suspect witnesses saw at Lake Sammamish State Park.
Newspaper article regarding the disappearances

Upon seeing the news and the sketch, Bundy's girlfriend Elizabeth called police and notified them that she believed the man they were looking for in connection with the murders was her boyfriend, Ted Bundy. With the new information and a possible suspect identification, police were able to show the witnesses from Lake Sammamish State Park a photo of Bundy. Shockingly most of the witness claimed that wasn't the man they saw.

In September 1974 Ted Bundy's murderous "spree" in Washington had come to an end, for now. Bundy had accepted an offer to study at The University of Law and so moved on, to Utah...

Map of victim disappearances in the Washington area

In Utah, Bundy continued to abduct and kill young women. (see victim profiles) It was hard back in those days for authorities to establish a link between crimes committed across different Counties, let alone different States, as the database available to us today didn't exist in the 1970's, so nobody realised at this point that they were dealing with a serial killer.

In November 1974, Bundy's girlfriend, Elizabeth Kloepfer became aware of the string of murders happening in Utah, around the area Bundy was living and studying as a Law student. Once again she informed the police that she believed the "Ted" they were looking for was Ted Bundy. Suspicions that she repeated to detectives again in December 1974. Bundy was now firmly on the detectives radar, and they began to consider the possibility of a having a serial killer on their hands.

In January 1975, Bundy decided to move his serial killing "spree" to Colorado whilst he remained living in Salt Lake City, Utah

(see victim profiles)

On the night of August 16th 1975 Bundy was pulled over by police for a traffic violation and was matched to the attempted abduction of Carol DaRonch. She positively identified Bundy in a line up and he was subsequently found guilty of attempted kidnapping. He was sentenced in 1976 to one to fifteen years in prison.

Police Line up for the kidnapping of Carol DaRonch, Bundy is 2nd from right

Whilst serving his sentence in Utah State Prison, for the kidnapping and assault of Carol DaRonch, Bundy was charged with the murder of Caryn Campbell and in January 1977 he was extradited to Aspen to stand trial.

Pitkin County Courthouse, 1970's, Bundy leapt from a 2nd floor window.

Bundy had decided to represent himself in court, therefore he was not required to wear handcuffs and shackles. During the recess of the preliminary hearing, in Pitkin County Courthouse, he was given permission to use the law Library under the watch of prison guards. There are conflicting stories as to how or why, but on the 7th June 1977. Bundy ended up out of view of the Guards, giving him the perfect opportunity to escape. An escape he had planned meticulously - best routes, timings, even jumping from the top bunk in preparation for the landing. Out of the sight of the guards, Bundy jumped out of a second story window of the courthouse and  literally ran for the hills.

"I psyched, psyched, psyched myself up for weeks. Literally, it took weeks. I began jumping off the top bunk in my cell in the Garfield County jail. Jumping again and again and again off the top bunk to the floor to strengthen my legs for the impact. I measured, mentally measured the distance from the corner of the courthouse to the alley and from the alley to the riverbed and from the riverbed to the mountains. And I measured my cell and I ran those distances. I ran those distances again and again and I practised how rapidly I could change my clothes from my courtroom attire to my shorts and I, um, got a haircut...so that I had a different appearance."

I said I'm ready to go, and I walked to the window and jumped out."

Ted Bundy

Confessions with a killer***

Newspaper article regarding Bundy's first escape

Despite a massive manhunt for him, he managed to allude capture for 7 days, eventually being caught on the 13th June 1977 as he tried to escape on the outskirts of the town. He was taken to Garfield County Jail where he was placed in solitary confinement and transported daily to the courthouse. The trial for the Murder of Caryn Campbell was finally set to go ahead in Colorado springs.

FBI wanted poster featuring Ted Bundy
FBI Most Wanted Poster featuring Ted Bundy

Authorities in several States were concerned that Bundy would use this as an opportunity to hunt out more victims. That's exactly what he did. (See Ted Bundy's victims)

After the violent and murderous rampage Bundy had unleashed upon Florida, he decided it was time to leave and began heading out of State. Alas, for Bundy it was not to be, for he was stopped by Police and arrested for driving a stolen vehicle and being in possession of 21 stolen credit cards. Bundy didn't go willingly and tried to run from the arresting officer but after a struggle between the two Bundy was apprehended and taken to the Station.

Bundy, police mugshots

Once there he refused to give police his name  for a couple of days before making a deal with the officers - He would only divulge his true identity if they allowed him make a phone call - to Elizabeth Kloepfer. He warned her that news was about to break about this arrest and the crimes he was accused of, how she was sure to be caught up in the media frenzy of it all. He tried to explain what caused him to do the unthinkable things he had done, putting it down to a sickness, an entity, withing him that he couldn't control.

Sickness or entity, call it what you will, it didn't help Bundy in the end. He was ultimately served three death by electrocution sentences for the brutal Chi Omega murders and the murder of young Kimberly Leach.

Subsequently, Bundy, 42, was taken to the electric chair on the 4th January 1989.

Bundy, after execution

Crowds of people celebrated outside as his execution was carried out and he was pronounced dead at 7.16 am. His body was removed from the prison and taken to Gainesville where he was cremated.

Hearse carrying Bundy's dead body leaves the Prison

His ashes were scattered on Taylor mountain, where he had buried some of his victims, on the the Cascade Mountain Range, Washington.

His final words before he was executed were

“Jim and Fred, I’d like you to give my love to my family and friends,”


Before his execution Bundy also confessed to murdering other women. Police have been unable to corroborate the murders and only have the sparse information he was able to recall.  Additionally, Bundy is implicated in further attacks / murders but authorities due to lack of evidence the cases remain unsolved. (see Ted Bundy's Victims.)

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