Ted Bundy's Relationships:

In 1967 Bundy began dating Stephanie Brooks, (also known as Diane Edwards.) She was a fellow classmate at The University of Washington where he was enrolled at the time.  They were together for about a year before Brooks tired of Bundy's nonsense and ended the relationship. Bundy took the rejection hard, some believe it was Brook's rejection that began changing things for Bundy and the person he would become.

Stephanie Brooks ( Diane Edwards)

Bundy returned to Washington in 1969 where he met single mum, Elizabeth Kloepfer. The pair remained together, in a turbulent relationship, for many years. However, during his relationship with Kloepfer, in 1973, Bundy restarted his romance with Brooks and for a while he dated both woman at the same time, although neither of them knew of the other. Bundy stopped all contact with Brooks in January 1974 (he continued dating Kloepfer) and later admitted he only dated Brooks again so he could reject her like she rejected him. Despite  everything that happened between them, Bundy acknowledged that he loved Kloepfer, probably too much.

"I loved her so much, it was destabilising."


Bundy and Kloepfer

Bundy and Kloepfer dated on and off until around 1975. During the relationship he had cheated on her multiple times, with multiple women. Kloepfer had also become suspicious that Bundy was the "Ted" with the "Volkswagen Bug" that the police were searching for as their prime suspect in the Lake Sammamish State Park abductions. Ultimately, she would report Bundy three times to law enforcement about her suspicions.

In 1979, during his trial for the murder Kimberly Leach, Bundy proposed to Carole Ann Boone who was testifying on his behalf at the time. She accepted his proposal and as per Florida law, (because it was a declaration of marriage in court and in front of a judge), it was deemed a legal marriage. The pair went on to have a child together, Rosa Bundy, and remained married until 1986 when Bundy began to confess to the murders. A devastated Carole, who had believed throughout in Bundy's innocence, divorced him. He tried calling her on the morning of his execution but she refused to speak to him.

Bundy, wife and daughter