Ted Bundy's Victims

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Linda Ann Healy:

Linda Ann Healy

Linda Ann Healy, 21, was a University of Washington student when she disappeared from her home in Seattle on 1st February 1974. Colleagues became concerned when she failed to turn up for her part time job as a radio weather girl and friends noted she hadn't been seen on campus all day.

This was uncharacteristic for Linda as she had always been reliable. The Police were called and they searched her room where they discovered blood on Linda's pillow and head end of the neatly made bed.

Linda Ann Healy's home
Linda Ann Healy's home
Linda Ann Healy's basement bedroom
News article reporting the discovery of Linda Ann Healy and several other vicitms.

Donna Gail Mason:

Donna Gail Manson

Donna Gail Manson, was 19 when she disappeared from The Evergreen State College campus in Olympia, Washington on March 12th 1974. She had been on her way to a jazz concert.

Bundy actually confessed to killing Donna, recalling how he cremated her skull in Elizabeth's fireplace, as if it was a normal thing for someone to do.

(Unbelievably, out of everything he did, he thought Elizabeth would be angry with him for that the most?!)

1978 came with a discovery that no doubt brought hope of closure to Donna's loved ones - Law enforcement were confident they may have located the rest of Donna's remains when a skeleton was found with clothing matching what Donna was reported to have been wearing when she disappeared. However, shockingly, the remains were lost along with evidence relating to the find before identification could take place. (How do you misplace a skeleton? This seems somewhat suspicious in my opinion)

News article regarding Donna Gail Manon's disappearance
News article regarding the missing remains

Susan Elaine Rancourt:

Susan Elaine Rancourt

Susan Elaine Rancourt, 17, was approached by "struggling" Bundy in Central Washington State University campus on 18th April 1974.  He had his arm in a sling and feebly asked her if she'd help him carry his books to his car, being the kind girl that she was, Susan kindly agreed to help him. She was never seen alive again. Her skull was discovered on Taylor Mountain on 3rd March 1975.

Bundy didn't discuss in any detail about what happened to Susan but he did admit to killing her just before his execution.

news paper article reporting the murder of Susan Ealine Rancourt

Roberta Kathleen Parks:

Roberta Kathleen Parks

Roberta Kathleen Parks, 20, disappeared from Oregon State University campus on 7th May 1974.  Bundy described approaching Roberta in the campus cafeteria and striking up a conversation during which he suggested they go somewhere for a drink. She accepted and willingly got into his car. In order not to alert her to where they were going he mentioned that he had to pick up something briefly so would be taking a quick detour.  Once he had driven somewhere remote he forced her to undress before raping her and then strangling her to death. Her skull was found on Taylor Mountain on 3rd March 1975.

Brenda carol ball:

Brenda Carol Ball

Brenda Carol Ball,  was 22 years old when she disappeared from Burien, Washington, on 31st May 1974. After a night out at the Flame Tavern she was unable to secure a lift home so she left alone, shortly after which she was seen talking to a man in the parking lot, the witness reported the man had his arm in a sling. Disappearing, often for days on end wasn't unusual for Brenda so friends were unaware of anything untoward at first. She was eventually reported missing just over two weeks after being abducted. Bundy confessed to killing Brenda and surmised he had abducted her from the Tavern parking lot in order to throw off police, who were searching for a campus abductor / killer. He claims to have taken Brenda home with him where they had consensual sex before he gave in to his urges and strangled her to death . On 1st March 1975,  Brenda's remains were found on Taylor Mountain. The first of several.

Georgann Hawkins:

Georgann Hawkins

Georgann Hawkins, 18, a student of  The University of Washington, disappeared from campus on 10th June 1974. She had been on her way home after visiting her boyfriends house, 6 doors away from her own. Bundy confessed to killing Georgann, he had been wearing a fake leg cast and hobbled on crutches when he had approached her that night and asked for help carrying his briefcase. Whilst she was helping him he struck her with a crowbar, knocking her unconscious and put her in his car, handcuffing her to the interior. He recalled having to knock her out a second time as she came to, before strangling her with a cord. He told police that the unidentified remains they'd recovered in Issaquah alongside Janice Ott and Denise Naslund belonged to Georgeann.

"The Hawkins girl's head was severed and taken up the road, erm, er, 25 to 50 yards, and buried in a location about 10 yards west of the road on a rocky hillside"

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy Cofession Tapes*****

Janice Ann Ott:

Janice Ott

Janice Ann Ott, was 23 years old and had been married for a year and a half when she vanished from Lake Sammamish State Park, Washington, on July 14th 1974.

Janice was the first of two women to disappear from the park that day, in broad daylight, The park had been extremely busy with events organised throughout the day and Janice had rode down on her bike to enjoy the festivities. Witnesses came forward to say they had seen Janice and several other women be approached and asked by

"a good looking young man wearing an arm cast to help load his sailboat on the car in the parking lot."


Witnesses also reported to police that the man talking to Janice was driving a

"Light brown or Tan Bug" and that the man introduced himself as "Ted"

Netflix ** 

Janice went to help the man, who Bundy later confessed was him, and she was never seen alive again. Her partial remains were discovered in Issaquah on 6th September 1974, along with the remains of some of Bundy's other victims.

Bundy and his car, a light brown VW Bug
Bundy and his car, a light brown VW Bug

Denise Marie Naslund:

Denise Marie Naslund

Denise Marie Naslund, 18, was the second woman to go missing from Lake Sammamish State Park that day. Denise had left her group briefly to go and use the restrooms. Whilst there, witness claimed she was approached by a man, who we now know was Bundy, and was asked if she would help him. She agreed and went with him and just like Janice she was never seen alive again. Her remains were discovered in Issaquah on 6th September 1974 in the same place as Janice Ott's.

When Bundy confessed to the murders he stated that Janice was still alive when he abducted Denise and he made one watch as he killed the other, although he later denied that was true.

Bundy's VW Bug, parked at Lake Sammamish State park parking lot on the day Janice Ott and Denise Naslund disappeared
Bundy's VW Bug, parked at Lake Sammamish State park parking lot on the day Janice Ott and Denise Naslund disappeared

Nancy Wilcox:

Nancy Wilcox

Nancy Wilcox was Bundy's first known victim in Utah. 16 year old Nancy disappeared from Holladay, Utah. Nancy had popped out to buy some gum, and was seen driving her VW Bug, similar to Bundy's. Nancy was never seen again. Authorities originally believed Nancy had run away but began to suspect something more sinister had happened after she hadn't been heard from for a few years! Bundy later confessed to abducting Nancy at knife point and taking her to his home where he kept her for a day before taking her to an orchard where he raped and strangled her. Bundy claimed he buried her body in Capitol Reef National Park, however, her remains have never been found.

Melissa Anne Smith:

Melissa Anne Smith

Melissa Anne Smith, was 17 when she disappeared from Midvale, Utah on 18th October 1974. Her father was the Midvale Chief of Police. She was last seen by her friend leaving a restaurant and heading for home as she, after which she was suppose to attend a sleepover at another friends house but failed to attend. Just over a week later, her battered body was found in Summit Park by deer hunters, on 27th October 1974. Melissa had been beaten, raped, strangled with a blue sock and shot in the head. Her hair had been freshly washed, her make up reapplied (in brands which were not her own) and her nails varnished. Bundy confessed to the murder of Melissa Smith, claiming he kept her alive in his apartment for several days before killing her and disposing of her body.

Laura Ann Aime:

Laura Ann Aime

Laura Ann Aime, 17, disappeared on Halloween, 31st October 1974 in Lehi, Utah, she had just left a cafe and was on her way to a park when she vanished. Bundy admitted he was the one who had abducted and killed her. Her naked body was found by hikers in the Wasatch Mountains on 27th November 1974. She had been beaten, raped and strangled.  Bundy had beaten Laura so severely she was unrecognisable and her father was only able to identify her because of three scars she had from a horse riding accident.

Newspaper article reporting the discovery of Laura Aime's body
Newspaper article reporting the discovery of Laura Aime's body

Carol DaRonch:

Carol DaRonch

Carol DaRonch, 18, was abducted by Bundy from a shopping mall in Salt Lake City, on 8th November 1974. Bundy, posed as a police officer, approached Carol and told her someone had been caught trying to break into her car in the Mall parking Lot. Bundy requested she follow him to her car to check nothing had been stolen, trustingly, Carol did as he asked. After checking her car Carol confirmed nothing was missing, Bundy then suggested she rides with him to the police station to file a complaint about the "car thief." At this point Carol began to get suspicious and requested Bundy showed her some identification, Bundy promptly flashed her a police badge and Carol, once again, put her trust in the man she believed to be a policeman. A short time later Bundy suddenly stopped driving and Carol realised something was seriously wrong. As she tried to get away Bundy grabbed Carols arm and attached a handcuff to her wrist but was unable to get it onto her other one, leaving the handcuff dangling. When describing the attack years later, Carol said

"I have never been so frightened in my entire life!"


As she continued to struggle and fight for her life Bundy pulled out a gun and told her he was going to shoot her. Carol managed to escape the car, which was Bundy's VW Bug, and began running but Bundy chased her, hitting her with a crowbar to try and prevent her getting away. She caught the attention of an oncoming car and managed to get to safety. Carol DaRonch was the first known Victim of Ted Bundy to survive and was able to help police a lot with their case against him.

In August 1975 Bundy was pulled over by police for a traffic violation and was matched to the attempted abduction of Carol DaRonch. She positively identified Bundy in a line up and he was subsequently found guilty of kidnapping and was sentenced in 1976 to one to fifteen years in prison.

Newspaper article on Bundy's arrest for attempting to kiddnap Carol DaRonch
Newspaper article on Bundy's arrest for attempting to kiddnap Carol DaRonch

Debra Jean Kent:

Debra Jean Kent
Debra Jean Kent

Debra Jean Kent, 17, disappeared in Bountiful, Utah, on 8th November 1974, from the Viewmont High school parking lot. She had been at a school play with her parents but had left before them as she was picking up her brother from the local skating rink. Debra failed to show up at the rink and has never been seen again. In fact Debra had't even made it to her car. When Debra's parents reported her missing, they were told by law enforcement that it was likely she had runaway, refusing to search for 24 hours. When they did eventually conduct a search they discovered a handcuff key in the high school parking lot. A key that ended up fitting the lock to the handcuffs Bundy had locked onto Carol DaRonch, a mere 17 miles away and only hours earlier. Bundy confessed, years later, to killing Debra. He told police he had kept Debra at his home for a while before killing her and burying her in Fairview Canyon, the same place he'd buried Nancy Wilcox. Only one human bone was ever recovered from the site Bundy claimed to have buried some of his victims, a patella (knee cap) which was DNA testing later confirmed as belonging to Debra Kent.

D) "was she killed right there at the school?"                            

B)  "No."                                                                                                     

D) "but you are responsible for her death?"                             

B ) "yes"                                                                                                   

D) "Did it take place in your car or um.."                                   

B) "No, the place where I lived."                                                   

D) "Oh you took her home?"                                                          

B) "I could keep her there for a period of time, a day, hours"              

D) "Was she alive during that time being?"                        

B) "Lets see, half of it."                                                        

Bundy's (B) confessions to the detective (D) shortly before his his execution

Mind of a monster****

Search area of Fairview Canyon where Bundy claimed he buried some of his victims.

Caryn Eileen Campbell:

Caryn Campbell

Caryn Eileen Campbell, 23, is believed to be Bundy's first victim in Colorado. She disappeared from the Wildwood Inn on 12th January 1975. She had popped up to her hotel room just after finishing dinner with her fiance and his children. It was the last time she was seen alive. On 17th February 1975, Caryn's naked body was found amongst the snow, just a few mile from where she had disappeared. Wild animals had feasted upon her body and there was significant decomposition, yet it was still very apparent that she had been struck over the head several times and had been brutally beaten. An autopsy alongside dental identification confirmed the remains were Caryn's, she had died just hours after her abduction. A later examination of Bundy's VW Bug produced hair fibres which were proven to be Caryn's, indicating that at one point she had been in Bundy's car.

Caryn Campbell's Body was discovered in the snow
Caryn Campbell's body, showing level of decomposistion
Newspaper article on the discovery of Caryn Campbell

Julie Cunningham:

Julie Cunnimgham

Julie Cunningham, was on her way to a tavern in Vail, Colorado, on the 15th March 1975, when she seemingly vanished into thin air. Years later Bundy confessed to her murder, making her Bundy's oldest known victim at only 26 years old. Pretending to be an injured skier he had hobbled on crutches and requested Julie's assistance in carrying his ski boots to his car and she kindly agreed to help. Bundy said he then knocked her unconscious, handcuffed her and stuffed her in the trunk of his car before driving about 80 miles away where he raped and murdered her via strangulation. He claimed to have buried her body a month later in a shallow grave in a desert area of Rifle, Colorado. Julie's remains have never been recovered.

Denise Lynn Oliverson:

Denise Oliverson

Denise Lynn Oliverson, 24, was last seen leaving her home to go on a bike ride. in Grand Junction, Colorado, 6th April 1975. Her yellow bike and red wooden sandals were discovered the following day under a viaduct near her home. Bundy became a suspect after detectives were able to place him in Grand Junction on the day of Denise's disappearance using credit card receipts. Although Denise's remains have never been found, Bundy confessed to her murder, claiming he killed her and threw her body into the Colorado river.

"Denise Oliverson, I believe, I’m not sure… out of Grand Junction that Mike Fisher wanted to discuss… ah, I believe that the date was in April 1975. Ah… the young woman’s body would have been placed in the Colorado River about five miles west of Grand Junction. It was not buried."

Transcript of a Recording by  Bundy, dated 1-24-1989, Florida State Prison:


Lynette Dawn Culver:

Lynette Culver

Lynette Dawn Culver, 12, was last seen as she walked out of the grounds of Alameda Junior High School in Pocatello, Idaho, on 6th May 1975. It's believed Lynette may have been hitchhiking and entered Bundy's car willingly. Bundy confessed to Killing Lynette, claiming he dumped her body into the snake river. He is alleged to have admitted to drowning Lynette in his hotel room before sexually assaulting her dead body.  Authorities were confident Bundy was telling the truth about abducting Lynette as he knew details about her that he could have only known if he had spoken to her, for example, she had just moved to the opposite side of town. He told investigators he had gone to Pocatello specifically to commit murder. Lynette's remains have never been recovered.

"She made a comment that sounded like she had other friends or relatives in Seattle…Made a comment indicating that she either lived with her grandmother or that her grandmother lived with her family. Another comment indicating that perhaps they were thinking of moving to another house. Indications that she had had some trouble with truancy at school…and…finally that I encountered her at a time when she was leaving the school grounds to meet someone at lunch time."

Ted Bundy

The Bundy Murders******

Newwspaper article regarding Lynette Culver

Susan Curtis:

Susan Curtis

Susan Curtis, 15,  disappeared on 27th June 1975, on the first day of a two-day conference she was attending at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. She left a banquet to walk the quarter of a mile back to the dormitories, she never made it and hasn't been seen since. Not much is known about Susan's disappearance or death but Bundy did end up confessing to her murder, claiming he had buried her along the highway in Price, Utah. Susan's remains have never been found.

Interestingly, Susan Curtis and Debra Kent (an earlier victim of Bundy's) were from the same neighbourhood in Utah and both families had been at the same high school play when Debra was abducted. Ultimately, both were abducted and murdered by Ted Bundy, within months of each other.

Margaret Elizabeth Bowman:

Margaret Elizabeth Bowman

Margaret Elizabeth Bowman, 21, was the first of four victims in the Chi Omega Sorority house, Florida State University, in the early hours of January 15th 1978. Margaret was asleep when Bundy entered her bedroom and began attacking her with a wooden log. She was brutally beaten with crushing blows to her head and sexually assaulted. He had tied a nylon stocking around her neck as he strangled her to death. Bundy was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Margaret Bowman.

Margaret Bowman, crimescene
Margaret Bowman, crimescene

Lisa Levy:

Lisa Levy

Lisa Levy, 20, was Bundy's second victim in the Chi Omega sorority house. She was asleep when he began bludgeoning her with the same wooden log he had just used to attack and kill Margaret with. Whilst attacking Lisa, Bundy bit into her flesh, leaving behind clear teeth impressions that were later used to convict him. He had also bitten of her nipple. Lisa had been raped and sexually assaulted with a hairspray bottle.

Like Margaret, she had also been strangled. Bundy was convicted and sentenced to death for her murder, yet he maintained his innocence for many years, Eventually he  confessed to the attack and murder of Lisa Levy.

Lisa Levy, bite wound

Kathy Kleiner:

Kathy Kleiner

Kathy Kleiner, 21, was Bundy's next victim in the Chi Omega Sorority house. Kathy awoke as Bundy entered her bedroom, which she shared with sorority sister Karen Chandler. Just as she realised what was happening, Bundy began bludgeoning her with the wooden log. He beat her so badly that he broke her jaw in three places, leaving it hanging from one socket. Her cheek was ripped open and she had almost bitten her tongue completely off.  Kathy survived the attack because roommate, Karen, began to stir in her sleep, at which point Bundy stopped attacking Kathy and began attacking Karen instead.

The wooden log Bundy used to attack Cheryl Thomas and the Chi Omega sisters.

Karen Chandler:

Karen Chandler

Karen Chandler, 21, was still asleep when she was beaten by Bundy with the same wooden log he had used to attack the previous three girls. She survived the attack but with serious injuries, most of her facial bones were broken as was her right arm.  Karen couldn't remember anything about the attack itself. It's likely Bundy would have continued until Karen was dead but he realised Kathy was attempting to get up so he returned his attention to her.

Just as Bundy was about to resume hitting Kathy, the bright headlights of a car shone through the window, illuminating the bedroom and Bundy fled, leaving both girls severely injured, but alive.

Kathy Kleiner and Karen Chandler's bedroom.

Cheryl Thomas:

Cheryl Thomas

Cheryl Thomas, 21, was asleep in her room in Dunwoody Street, Florida State University, approximately about 6 blocks away from the Chi Omega Sorority house. On January 15th 1978 Bundy broke into Cheryl's home via a kitchen window. He began his vicious attack on her immediately, beating her with the same wooden log he'd attacked the sorority sisters with just an hour or so earlier. Her neighbours heard the commotion and alerted the authorities, again Bundy fled the scene. Investigators found Cheryl barely alive.

She was in a coma for ten weeks as a result of her injuries. She had sustained several fractures to her skull, a broken jaw and had a permanent lost of hearing. When she awoke she had no memory of the attack. Bundy later confessed to psychiatrist, Dorothy Lewis, that Cheryl had actually been the only intended target that night and he hadn't planned on attacking the Chi Omega house. Cheryl Thomas survived the attack.

Cheryl Thomas, Crime scene.

Kimberly Diane Leach:

Kimberly Diane Leach

Kimberly Diane Leach, 12, is the last confirmed victim of Ted Bundy's. He had abducted her on February 9th 1978 from Lake city Junior School as she went to her homeroom to collect her purse. Bundy drove Kimberly away in a vehicle he had stolen just after the Chi Omega attacks, (vegetation samples found in the van were later used to link Bundy to the crime and also led police to the location of her body). Kimberly had been sexually assaulted and beaten by Bundy before he disposed of her body in a hog pen shed behind the Suwannee River State Park.

Her remains were discovered on April 7th 1978. A jury convicted Bundy to death for the kidnapping and murder of Kimberly Diane Leach.

Photo of the scene where Kimberly Leach was found.
Court repsonse to Bundy regarding the murder of Kimberly Leach.

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Suspected Attacks and Murders:

Ann Marie Burr

Ann Marie Burr, 8, disappeared from her home in Tacoma, Washington. Circumstantial evidence implicated Bundy in her disappearance - he used to lived close to Ann's home and his great Uncle lived nearby at the time of the abduction, Bundy also delivered newspapers to a nearby street, and a shoe imprint found outside the Burr residence suggested the kidnapper was someone relatively young. Bundy was 14 at the time. Ann's remains have never been found and no one has been charged for her disappearance.



Lisa Wick and Lonnie Trumbull

Lisa Wick, 20, and Lonnie Trumbull, 20, both air stewardesses, were both bludgeoned with a piece of wood, in similar style to the Chi Omega attacks. Lonnie died and Lisa survived but with no memory of what happened. There were several suspects implicated, including Bundy, who was 19 at the time. He worked in a shop nearby where the pair shopped. Lisa later said

"I know that it was Ted Bundy who did that to us," she wrote, "but I can't tell you how I know."Lisa wick,wikipedia 

The case remains unsolved.



Susan Davis, 19, and Elizabeth Perry, 19, were on vacation together when they were both murdered on May 30th 1969. Their bodies were found buried under a pile of leaves in the woods near the Garden State Parkway. Susan was found naked whereas Elizabeth was fully clothed. They had both been stabbed to death, each having received several stab wounds. Bundy became a suspect in the double murder after he allegedly confessed to killing to co-eds around Philadelphia in 1969. The case remains unsolved.



Rita Curran

Rita Curran, 24, Burlington, Vermont, was viciously beaten, raped and strangled to death in her basement apartment on July 19th 1971. Bundy was implicated in her murder as he was believed to be visiting his birthplace, (to get his birth certificate) across the road from where Rita worked, around the time of her murder. Bundy allegedly confessed that he

"murdered a young woman in July 1971 in Burlington, Vt., who worked next door to a home for unwed mothers" Wikipedia

Given his whereabouts at the time along with his confession it is highly plausible that Bundy was the one behind Rita's disappearance, However, without solid evidence the case remains unsolved.



Joyce LePage

Joyce LePage, 21, disappeared from Washington State University on July 22nd 1971, just after her friends dropped her off at her apartment. Her naked, skeletal remains were found in Wawawai Canyon in April 1972 and an autopsy indicated she had been stabbed in the ribs three times. Bundy later became a suspect because Joyce fit his victim type with long brown  hair, parted in the middle and was abducted from WSU.



Rita Jolly

Rita Jolly, 17, went missing in West Lynn, Oregon, on June 29th, 1973. She had gone out for a evening walk but never returned and hasn't been since, no remains link to Rita have ever been found either. Bundy was considered a possible suspect but nothing further came of it and case remains open.



Brenda Joy Baker

Brenda Joy Baker, 14, disappeared on May 25th 1974, from Puyallup, Washington. It's believed that she had been hitchhiking at the time. Her decomposed remains were discovered  on June 17th 1974, in an area adjacent to Millersylvania State Park, Thurston County, Washington. Authorities suspected Bundy as the perpetrator but there was no evidence or anything to suggest he was involved. The case remains open.



Sandra Jean Weaver

Sandra Jean Weaver, 18, was abducted from Salt Lake City on the 1st July 1974. Her naked body was discovered just a day later in Grand Junction, Colorado. Bundy was a suspect in Sandra's murder as she fit Bundy's victim type and the murder took place in the same area as some of his later murders. It is claimed Bundy confessed to her murder but this is unconfirmed. The case remains unsolved.



Melanie Suzanne Cooley

Melanie Suzanne Cooley, 18 (known as "Suzy") disappeared on April 15th 1975, after leaving school and hitchhiking in Nederland, Colorado. She was severely beaten and strangled to death before being dumped in Coal Creek Canyon. Her remains were found on May 2nd 1975. Bundy became a suspect in her murder after receipts show he was in the area at the time of her disappearance and the murder was similar to his MO. Bundy never confessed to her murder and there wasn't enough evidence to prove he was involved. The case remains unsolved.



Shelley Kay Robertson

Shelley Kay Robertson, 23,  disappeared June 29th 1975, from Golden, Colorado. Her naked and decomposed remains were found August 21st in a mine-shaft in Berthoud Pass, Colorado. Bundy became a suspect in Shelley's murder because a gas receipt showed he was in the same area at the time of her disappearance. There is no other evidence linking him to the crime. When questioned about the murder Bundy said he didn't want to talk about it. The case remains unsolved.



Nancy Baird

Nancy Perry Baird, 23, vanished on July 4th, 1975, during her shift at a gas station in Layton, Utah. Witnesses claim to have seen a truck at the station around the time of her disappearance. She has never been found. When questioned about Nancy's disappearance, Bundy denied all knowledge and claimed he wasn't involved.

Check out Ted Bundy's  STORY,  CHILDHOOD,  and  RELATIONSHIPS



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