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David Miller

Suffering with covid-19, David Miller believed he was dying. Wanting to rid himself of his earthly sins, he gave a deathbed confession, but would he be too late?…

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Killer Celebrities

We’re talking killer celebrities…..not ‘celebrity’ killers. Perhaps you’ll be surprised by our list, Perhaps not? Either way, these celebrities have claimed the life of another….

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Richard Ramirez

The Night Stalker terrorised Southern California in the 1980’s, entering homes through an open window. He would attack, rape and brutally murder his victims…

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H. H. Holmes

Considered America’s first serial killer, Holmes is suspected by some to also be London’s Jack The Ripper. This delightful fella built a ‘murder castle’ in which to torture his victims.

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Jeffrey MacDonald

He claimed 4 intruders brutally attacked and murdered his family. After careful forensic analysis of the victims and crime scene, the authorities claimed otherwise…

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Klara Mauerova

Klara Mauerova horrifically abused, tortured and ate the flesh of her own children. She even encouraged others, including family members, to do the same – but there is a twist to this tale…

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Altemio Sanchez

A serial killer was terrorising women in New York, snatching, killing and dumping the victims near secluded bike paths. Each attack was more sinister and brutal than the last…

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Pike County Shootings

8 members of the Rhoden family were murdered in their beds across 4 different locations, in one night. The only surviving member was a 4 year old girl. Were her paternal Family the killers?

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Did You Know

Random information & fun facts relating to all things crime. Things you never realised you always wanted to know! Email us your crime facts for the ‘Did you know?’ feature.

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Chastity Ray Scalf

Pregnant, Chastity Scalf was brutally beaten and murdered in a hotel room, but despite the suspicious circumstances, police ruled it a suicide. Chastity’s family want justice…

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The Cambridge Rapist

Peter Cook terrorised the English city of Cambridge, 1974 – 1975, burglarising and raping women in their own homes in the darkness of the night. A massive manhunt ensued…

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Last Meal Requests:

Their time is up. Here are the Top Ten last meal requests as chosen by death row prisoners…
Incidentally, what would you choose for your last meal?…

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John Christie

Having killed his victims, John Christie would hide their bodies behind walls and under floorboards…

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Top Ten Famous Last Words

Ever wondered about the famous last words of serial killers? Well…Wonder no more…

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Is Peter Tobin also Bible John?

The similarities (not just look-wise) are astonishing…could Peter Tobin also be Bible John?…

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Molly Bish

Molly Bish was abducted and killed during her shift as a lifeguard, her killer was never found…

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William Heirens (The Lipstick Killer)

Serial Killer, William Heirens is also known as the Lipstick killer because…

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Tim Miller (Equusearch)

Imagine having to bury the same loved one not once, not twice but a possible 3 times!….

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Ed Gein

Gein killed 2 woman but also admitted to grave robbing and making clothing from his victims…

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Mary Ann Cotton

Possibly the UK’s 1st female serial killer, cotton may have had over 21 victims, including her own children…